Why would Swimming be a Team Sport?

Everybody thinks that swimming is an individual sport. As a matter of fact, if the protagonists of the victories in football and basketball are the teams, in sports like swimming the individual swimmers are those who win medals and trophies.. There are team competitions in swimming too, but if I asked which team has won the last swimming championships, only swimming fans and agonists could answer. However, everyone, those who don’t know swimming at all too, knows athletes like Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky or Sun Yang; everyone also knows for which sport they has become famous and in which competition they won. This phenomenon comes also from the fact that the CIO and all national Olympic committees themself boost and have interest not so much on teams on a national scale, but on individual talented athletes’ training, which they are able to bring successes to the national team.

That’s swimming: we look for the spearhead who emerges from national competitions and then this talent only can make his way to pursue important goals and, why not? Acquire fame too.

Then, from these arguments we can deduce that in the swimming world team doesn’t matter at all.


Actually, we can’t have a talented swimmer without a team that has accompanied on his training. Swimming is and remains basically a cyclic sport e for many it could results boring, mostly for children. Swimming needs motivations and incitements that this sport itself can’t give. It needs a good coach which is able to motivate to reach a goal, but above all it needs some good mates (comrades) who may suffer or rejoice and support each athlete to his growth and progress.

No one can be called a talent among children, and no one is the worst swimmer in the world. The reason of this lies in the nature of childhood itself: our body changes and grows and who is strong as a child, during growth he could lose some physical advantages; as well as who is a bit clumsier as a child, in the future he could gain new constitutions that can help them to become successful athletes. In children what matters is to work together, as a team, to have fun and to feel part of something bigger to which everybody can make their own contribution. We shouldn’t entrust the weight behind just one, but we should research team’s outcomes. And everything become easier!

And what after growing up? Does the team lose its importance? Absolutely not! Trainings become more intense, sessions in the gym take over and school or college concurrently require more and more time. Swimming becomes a heavy sacrifice and, in these cases, who can make this sacrifice less painful? Someone wherewith you can share it, for sure.

Furthermore, team support single athletes in harder times: when season is more intense, when results are not as expected, when in external life incidents happen, the team is and must be a pillar on which athletes can always count on! The team, the swimming pool, the trainer become a second family, and it should always be so! This is a must for swimming, and all great swimmers have been part of a great crew indeed.

Many swimmers play down on this fact and their parents do it too. Probably because they interpret children’s victories as an unequivocal signal that will certainly lead them to win the Olympics, and the team should have little importance because there is all this talent. Nothing could be more wrong. Many who make this reasoning make the mistake of moving from one company to another without considering that changing it often means that the athlete would never be able to socialize with his mates. However, in some cases it may be necessary to change reality and context but, before doing it, always make sure to have some great reasons and to do that definitively.

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